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Therapy Thursdays

The beginning of anything new is difficult for me. I have to consider the amount of time, question my ability, and of course spend time second guessing myself. I am sure that comes as a surprise to clients that therapist of all people second guess themselves. And the answer is a resounding yes we do indeed! Living a life that is full of surprises and most times just being authentic and accountable can lead to the anxiety of not being enough, knowing enough, or having enough. I believe that it is due to these facts and many more that there has to be at least one time in the week that I can be reflective and consider what I have done so far during the week.

Thursdays. What is the deal with the fourth day of the week? What attracted me to this day? Although you can go to therapy anytime of the week I believe Thursday is the real middle child of the seven day work week. Nestled between an ever famous Friday fun day or the hill we climb (hump day) Thursday can include an inventory of thoughts, feelings, and/or actions. This day can be both thoughtful and profound.

So from the wellspring of my mind Therapy Thursday is born. I had to begin to take action because "Nothing changes if nothing changes"!

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